Security Policy

This Security Policy describes how Eximjobs.com (run by M/s. Bhagirathi international) We collect, use, and share personal information when you use our job portal website (the "www.eximjobs.com") and the services provided through the Site (the "Hiring Services").

At EximJobs.com, we recognize the importance of security in the digital realm, especially when it comes to personal and sensitive information related to employment. Our Security Policy outlines the measures we take to protect your data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

Data Protection Measures:


We use strong encryption protocols to protect data transmitted to and from our site.

Secure Servers:

Our servers are secured and regularly updated to protect against known vulnerabilities.

Access Control:

Strict access controls are in place to ensure only authorized personnel have access to your data.

User Data Privacy:

Data Collection:

We only collect data that is essential for delivering our services effectively.

Data Usage:

The data we gather is strictly utilized for the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Data Sharing:

User data is not shared with third parties unless it's essential for providing our services or mandated by law.

Incident Response Plan:

In the event of a data breach or security incident, we have a comprehensive Incident Response Plan to promptly address and mitigate the impact.

Employee Training and Awareness:

Our employees undergo regular training sessions covering the latest best practices in data security and privacy.

User Responsibility:

Users are encouraged to use strong, unique passwords for their accounts and to keep their login information confidential. We provide tips and guidelines to users on maintaining the security of their accounts.

Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our security practices, staying abreast of the latest security trends, and addressing emerging threats.

Contact Us

For any complaints or inquiries related to this policy, users can contact us at admin@eximjobs.com.